BX Beef Company’s beef is excellent! We loved it all. The steaks were delicious and tender with perfect marble in the rib eyes. Also our meat arrived promptly and well frozen. The ordering process was easy and customer service exceptional. We have referred mutable friends and family and will certainly order from BX Beef Company for many years to come!

Nick O.
Baton Rouge, LA

I wanted to let you all know what a great product you have delivered to me over the past 3 Years. I have purchased 3 Cattle over the last 3 Years and have been very pleased with the Beef that I received. The Angus Cattle is probably the BEST Ground Beef I have ever had in my life !!! The Wagyu Steer was terrific steaks as well. The Packaging and Pricing are terrific and the People are great to deal with. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to do business with you all !!

Willie S.
Norfolk, VA

BX BEEF has the best Wagyu beef you could ever ask for. All cuts are great. The ground beef, the roast, the steaks, and the brisket. I cooked the brisket for a special occasion and it was a real winner by everyone.
I would recommend shopping with BX BEEF for your beef needs.

Duane J.
Montgomery, AL

I may be the worst cook ever. The quality of your product makes me look like a professional chef and my family just loves it. I have tried to get creative with the seasoning by adding some elements of the Cuban cuisine but the fact is that all you need is Salt, Pepper, Butter and a Proper Grill. This is one of the most delicious meat I have ever eaten. Tender, juicy, flavorful and balanced.

Rayme A.
Miami, FL

“The beef we recently purchased from BX Beef was outstanding. The marbling, flavor and quality is far superior to any beef we have had before. I’m sure that once customers try your beef, they will be customers for life!”

Tammy M.
Edinburg, VA

“I got half a beef from BX Beef and it is by far the best tasting beef I have ever had. The marbling was perfect, the packaging arrived in perfect condition with all the meat still frozen solid. My family will be using BX Beef when we are ready for another half a beef. Thank you for an excellent product.”

Charles S.
Strasburg, VA