About the BXBeef Company

It all started in the mid-1980’s with two 4-H Campers who became friends

Life goes on and in 2002, these two friends became “neighbors”, living in the same Virginia county, in the same rural community, and on opposite ends of the same dirt road. One “friend” had an established and highly successful cattle farming and natural feed lot operation.  The “other friend” had horses and had recently added cattle to his farm business.

A few more years pass and in 2015, the idea for BX Beef was formulated – both “friends” wanted to offer customers, the most flavorful, natural, and healthy beef available.  The “friends” - Randy Kibler and Frank H. Barnett, III -  both successful entrepreneurs at other endeavors, invited their families to join them in assisting with making BX Beef a reality.

And here we are! Happy and proud to offer customers some of the best tasting beef available.  Many thanks to Randy, Donna, Frank, Nancy, Jenna and other family members for believing in our vision.

We have  the Experience, we have the Quality, our Beef is always Fresh, and we invite you to try it – we are sure YOU’LL BE BACK FOR MORE!

We are happy to welcome you to our rapidly growing customer base – including current customers in Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, Wyoming, Texas, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri and Alabama.  We can ship anywhere in the Continental U.S. – let us put your community and State on our map!